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CASS - Blessing

Most amazing and fantastic product known to man kind. Seriously this is amazing. I love it and plan to buy more. I have my sample one at work and it's great for before I go out to events. Just a few quick wipes and I smell fresh!

TARO - Worked as promised

I love this product and will definitely buy. It took even the nastiest smells (stench of bread from sitting in a subway sandwhich shop) right out of clothes. Convenient size to fit in purse to take on the go or short trips.


MARIA - Great way to get rid of bad odors

Great product! It is small & slim so it fits in my smallest purses or pockets to take along everywhere. I use it to get rid of bad odors on my clothes, hair, scarves, insoles of my running shoes & sometimes interior of my car!

Mathew W. - What a cool product!

Haven't seen anything like it. One swipe lasted me a week using it often. I hate smelling like an airplane when I travel, and using these on my shirt takes out the smell quickly. Shipping was fast and convenient. Glad I discovered Reviver!

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