Manager, Embedded IoT Firmware Development

Location of Job:

Foster City, CA

Job Description:

Architect/lead firmware development for digital license plate to integrate into Reviver’s platform; work cross-functionally to bring product from concept to production; perform hands-on coding; lead bug scrub and troubleshooting; work with embedded processors; work with ARM microcontrollers (Freescale, Atmel, ST); perform coding of RTOS (FreeRTOS, ThreadX); use multi-threaded embedded system concepts (tasks, priorities, deadlocks); perform middleware development on embedded systems [Bluetooth software stacks, 4G LTE modem AT command protocol, Network security protocols (SSL/TLS)]; write driver/app code for basic embedded interface; use technologies for engineering projects (DMA, UART, SPI, I2C, GPIO, ADC); integrate Linux board support packages and software stack to platforms; modify bootloader to match new platform generation designs; develop firmware Over-The-Air solution for OMAP (Open Multimedia Applications Platform) based platforms; work with variety of embedded peripherals (Accelerometer, Gyro, SPI flash, eMMC, temperature sensors, PWM, RTC); perform interfacing (Bluetooth, Wifi, LTE, GPS); work with makefiles and build systems; develop drivers and firmware for hardware components; work with development team and factory on hardware-firmware integration; work with internal software engineers to create end-to-end ecosystem solutions; and manage in-house firmware development team, local, and offshore contractors.

Job Requirements:

Master’s degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or Information Technology plus 1 year experience. Experience to include integrating Linux board support packages and software stack to platforms; using technologies (UART, SPI, I2C); modifying bootloader to match new platform generation designs; and developing firmware Over-The-Air solution for OMAP-based platforms.

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